TIMI 10B Study Design

  • Open-label, controlled, randomized, dose-ranging, angiography study that utilized a blinded core laboratory for review of coronary arteriograms. Patients (N=837) presenting within 12 hours of symptom onset were treated with fixed doses of 30, 40, or 50 mg of TNKase or the accelerated infusion of Activase, and underwent coronary arteriography at 90 minutes. 1

TIMI 10B Results for Systemic Fibrinogen Levels

  • The high-fibrin specificity of TNKase resulted in less extensive systemic depletion of coagulation factors 5 (the clinical significance of increased fibrin specificity has not been established)
  • There are decreases in circulating fibrinogen (4%-15%) and plasminogen (11%-24%). The clinical significance of fibrin-specificity on safety (eg, bleeding) or efficacy has not been established. 1



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