Deliver the 5-Second Single Bolus

Follow the instructions to properly reconstitute and administer TNKase for AMI.

See TNKase Package Insert for instructions on the use of the dual cannula device.

Step 1

Remove the shield assembly from the supplied B-D 10 mL syringe with TwinPak™  Dual Cannula Device.

Step 2

Aseptically WITHDRAW 10 mL of Sterile Water for Injection, USP, using the B-D 10 mL syringe with TwinPak Dual Cannula Device included in the kit. Do not use Bacteriostatic Water for Injection, USP.

Step 3

INJECT entire contents (10 mL) into the TNKase vial, directing the diluent into the powder. Slight foaming upon reconstitution is not unusual; any large bubbles will dissipate if the product is allowed to stand undisturbed for several minutes.

Step 4

GENTLY SWIRL until contents are completely dissolved. DO NOT SHAKE. Solution should be colorless or pale yellow and transparent. Once the appropriate dose of TNKase is drawn into the syringe, stand the shield vertically and recap the red tab cannula.

Step 5

USE UPON RECONSTITUTION. If not used immediately, refrigerate solution (which does not contain bacterial preservative) at 2–8°C (36–46°F) and use within 8 hours. DO NOT FREEZE. Final concentration of TNKase is 5 mg/mL.

Administration Instructions for TNKase

Step 1

Determine the correct dose of TNKase based on patient weight. TNKase is for IV administration only.

Step 2

WITHDRAW the appropriate volume of solution based on patient weight. The recommended total dose should not exceed 50 mg. Discard solution remaining in the vial.

Step 3

FLUSH a dextrose-containing line with a saline-containing solution prior to and following administration (precipitation may occur when TNKase is administered in an IV line containing dextrose). ADMINISTER as an IV BOLUS over 5 seconds.

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